Après la sortie d'un EP en mai 2016, Otto Lindholm vit à fond son aventure et la peaufine à la Maison des Musiques en ce mois de rentrée des activités.

Double bass player and electronic producer Otto Lindholm comes to light with his project and debut LP simply called 'Otto Lindholm' is released on Icarus Records | Vynilla Vinyls. 
In the mood of bands and projects as Mohammad (Pan) or James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman' Nimbes for Subtext, Otto Lindholm debut LP proposes an intense and noir three track LP, comprised by stand-alone experiments coming from a unique producing process elaborated by the artist where each track was played and recorded in one shot. The double bass dialogues in the dark with blinking analogue machines creating beatless but dynamic music, fully habited by plate-shifting bass drones.